Security Pros Split on Whether Private Data is Safer with Government or Private Companies

Attendees of the recent RSA Security conference are split on whether private sector or the US government is more vulnerable, but they are near unanimous in the belief that both need to do more to protect themselves and citizens from cyberterrorism.

The threat of digital terrorism is under-hyped, according to almost three-quarters of those surveyed, and 63 percent say terrorists are capable of launching a catastrophic cyber-attack in the US in the next year, according to survey results released by Thycoticon Tuesday.

Privileged account management provider Thycotic polled over 200 security industry professionals, and found that 50 percent believe US private companies are more vulnerable than the government, while 42 percent believe the reverse.

When asked about the preparedness of US companies to defend against cyberterrorism attacks, 92 percent said either that they need more security, or are way behind the curve. Eighty-nine percent said the military and businesses need to focus more on cyberterrorism defense capabilities.

“Some may say the whole discussion surrounding the threats associated with cyberterrorism is hyped; however, our findings show that 72 percent actually feel that the topic isn’t hyped enough and that more needs to be done to protect companies and country as a whole from these types of vulnerabilities,” Jonathan Cogley, founder and CTO at Thycotic said in a statement. “Reexamining the type of security technology used to protect both the U.S. government and private sectors is essential to keeping our country safe.”

Terrorism precipitated the headline-grabbing battle between the FBI and Apple over access to encrypted information.

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